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Marine1 is the one-stop decision tool deck for your business needs.  One product with all the decision tools for one monthly price.


Risk support that helps you win commercially (and not hinder you!)

A great team of trusted and personable professionals (humans!) to work with

A proven track record of quality assessment and reporting

Peace of mind that you are looking after the people in your business with the best possible information.









Marine1 is our flagship product that gives you all this and more.  Essential support tools for your security and commercial decisions; unlimited users, one product, one monthly charge.


Marine1 Dryad Global


Lead your business with a winning formula of security reports, recommendations and risk assessment tools


Marine1 Dryad Global

Included with your monthly subscription:



Client Portal – Stay in control of your documents and reports; unlimited users and logins for your own client portal.

Direct Access – Got security questions you need help with? Chat with the team with our client chat page to get the answers you need.

Hassle Free Monthly Subscription – Easy payment by card so that you don’t have to deal with invoices chasing


Libya Intelligence Digest

The political and security situation in Libya continues to challenge commercial operators and this highly dynamic environment demands a vigilant eye; staying ahead and winning opportunities is what differentiates your company.  Our team remains steadfast on enabling access; our high standards.

The Libya Intelligence Digest provides you with weekly updates on relevant security developments broken down by pertinent regions:


   ☑   Relevant security events summaries throughout the region with supporting details

   ☑   High level port/terminal risk to vessels profile summary

   ☑   Clear visual summaries: risk to vessels and risk to personnel ashore

   ☑   16 key port activity summaries – vessel movements and port/terminal status

   ☑   Risk to operations from migration trends

   ☑   Continually updated recommendations for vessels/personnel


See a Libya Sample here


West Africa Intelligence Digest

The trading hot-spots in the Gulf of Guinea provide ample opportunity for criminal activity and piracy.  Hijack and significant commercial loss remain a threat to   your business.


   ☑   10 weekly reviewed country security profile summaries and supporting details

   ☑   High level port/terminal risk to vessels profile summary

   ☑   Clear visual summaries: risk to vessels and risk to personnel ashore

   ☑   15 key port activity summaries with terminal status and risk profile trend

   ☑   Continually updated recommendations for vessels/personnel


See a West Africa Sample here


Indian Ocean intelligence Digest

We are all relieved to see a continued trend towards stability in the HRA and the recent reduction in its size is testament to the improvement.  As a conscientious operator however,  your business can not afford to take its eye off the Indian ocean and we provide with the persistent monitoring that you need.


   ☑   17 weekly reviewed port security profile summaries and supporting details

   ☑   High level risk to vessels in port summary

   ☑   Clear visual summaries: risk to vessels and risk to personnel ashore

   ☑   Continually updated recommendations for vessels/personnel

See a Indian Ocean Sample here


Global Security Circular

Your up-to-date security analysis and recommendations on over 50 key countries worldwide.  Stay informed on emerging trends and don’t rely on crisis response.  Do you need to assess port and in-country security for a crew transfer or decide on commercial access implications? This report is updated constantly and also in response to emerging events.  Stay on top, stay ahead, look after your people.


   ☑   Online Platform – chose which countries you want

   ☑   Over 50 Key countries assessed

   ☑   Regional overviews

   ☑   Easy-view Country Risk Profile

   ☑   Risk at Sea

   ☑   Risk Ashore

   ☑   Recommendations

   ☑   Last notable incident list


Unlimited Transit Risk Assessments

Make sure your due diligence and compliance work is not just a tick-box exercise by using our trusted risk assessment process.  As a Marine1 subscriber you have access to unlimited1 Transit Risk Assessments for your direct company operations.

Our transit risk assessments provide you with a vessel specific risk assessment for your intended route including threat assessments of:


   ☑   Robbery

   ☑   Geo-political events

   ☑   Boarding

   ☑   Shots fired

   ☑   Military/ para-military interference

   ☑   Suspicious approach

   ☑   Weather /climate impact


Each TRA comes with detailed a regional overview to support the recommendations.

TRAs are a necessary compliance tool but also extremely useful in improving commercial gains through understanding and trust building with vessel owners and insurance providers


See a TRA Sample here


Marine1 Dryad Global


Armed guards Concierge Service

The co-ordination and administration of placing armed guards onto your vessels can be a significant distraction to your primary role.  Why not join our many other clients make us our armed guards concierges service and best of all, it is totally free to use.

Our pool of fully compliant and regularly vetted Private Maritime Security Companies will competitively bid for your work and in doing so we ensure that you have the best prices  We can place Shell and Exxon approved providers and take the admin process off your hands

As a Marine 1 subscriber you have free access to this service.


   ☑   Fully approved and Vetted on your behalf

   ☑   Exon and Shell approved providers

   ☑   Full administrative service

   ☑   Competitive bid process ensures best pricing for you

   ☑   Impartial advice on use of armed guards – we have no vested interest in their use


Direct and easy access to your team

As a Marine1 customer you get access to real people (us!) to help you understand situations or emerging events.  We are easily available through our chat on the website or, by email.  Whilst there is not additional charge for this, if you require something bespoke to support a specific need then we can provide you with quotes.

Incident Reports and analysis

Our incident reports and analysis are market leading; they are frequently picked up by the trade press to expand their own reader’s awareness so you can certainly trust the quality.  As part of the Marine1 subscription you will receive immediate access of enhanced incident reports and analysis.  We know your life is busy enough so we do not report every attempted robbery; rather we ensure that what we say adds value to your understanding of the security situation.

Discounted Product

Many of our clients, just like you, are achieving fast decision requirement with in-depth Access Risk Assessments for specific ports or locations.  We have supported major commercial decisions for large and small operators through this service.  Requests are submitted online to reduce the need for email back-and-forth (isn’t your inbox full enough?) and delivered to you via your customer portal.  As a Marine1 subscriber you can access these products at a 30% discount.


Marine1 Dryad Global

Our Philosophy on Risk


Risk is uncertainty.


With perfect information there would be certainty and no question about the outcome; it would be known and your decisions would be straightforward.  However, we all have to work with imperfect information and need to make calculated assessments to guide our security and commercial decisions.


In a fast-moving security and information environment it is essential to have a proven, repeatable and resourced process to inform your decision-making.  The information has to be timely, expertly analysed and presented in a way that clarifies, not mystifies, your options.


Risk is a subjective measure because one person’s risk is not perceived as such by another. This is why we work with our customers to define their acceptable risk in order to drive the information requirement and recommendations.  Our driving passion is to enable our customers to achieve their commercial imperatives with confidence – knowing that a possible outcome lie within their acceptable risk.

Marine1 Dryad Global


Subject to fair use policy and that large demand does not prejudice delivery to other customers



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