Maritime Security Incident Data


Global maritime security incidents continue to evolve both in frequency and type. Often characterised by high profile incidents such as kidnappings and hijackings, the nature of piracy is often seen as a static problem to which there are only two options in response; Guards or no Guards.

This however is not the case. As the risks to the Global maritime industry continue to evolve, so must approaches to understanding risk and mitigation. Only through understanding what lies behind the data can vessels hope to avoid costly and often unnecessary mitigation measures, as well as avoiding significant and costly delays and interruptions to transits.

Dryad Global have released the data set below to provide a basic and clear overview of global maritime security incidents, allowing our clients and the industry to observe the underlying trends and interplay between regions and incidents. As mandated by BMP5, each and every transit should be subject to risk assessment. At Dryad Global we aim to provide, bespoke and cost effective risk analysis drawing from a detailed and practical understanding of both incident data and key geopolitical forces that lie behind the statistics.

Below are a series of graphs illustrating a snap shot of basic trend analytics taken from our 5 year maritime security incident data-set. Included is an interactive map showing a geospatial presentation of all incidents by type and location.


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