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About Us

Dryad Global
A philosophy that works for you

Risk is Uncertainty.

With perfect information there would be certainty of outcome. Risks would be known and your decisions would be straightforward.

BUT we all have to work with imperfect information and need to make calculated assessments to guide our security and commercial decisions. 

In a fast-moving security and information environment it is essential to have a proven, consistent and resourced process to inform your decision-making. The information has to be timely, expertly analysed and presented in a way that clarifies, not mystifies, your options. 

The optimum operating space for your business is at your acceptable risk line; this is where companies thrive, and put them ahead of the competition. This is why we work with our customers to define their acceptable risk in order to drive the information requirement and recommendations. 

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Meet Our Team

Phil Diacon

Team Leader

Phil has been leading teams and building organisations for 25 years having created online and off-line businesses in varying sectors. He specialises in setting up and growing teams so that the individual can thrive and be recognised for the work that is in their flow. He is an expert at creating a long term vision and implementing the systems to achieve it.
Having started his career as a Fighter Pilot, Phil also has a strong heritage in intelligence and operations including the maritime sphere where he has been working for the last 4 years.
Phil loves his pale pink Roses
Dryad Global


Head of Product

M is a highly experienced intelligence practitioner with over 15 years’ experience operating at the forefront of international relations. With a backgrounding in Military intelligence M has gone on to serve in diplomatic posts and lead teams in Africa and Asia. M has a unique and tested experience of intelligence gathering to meet specific customer requirements and knows how to ensure consistent quality through rigorous application of process.
Dryad Global


Senior Analyst

With over a decade in the intelligence world S is always pushing boundaries and challenging the accepted norms. Being highly adept at articulating complex situations in a way that can be grasped equally by operators and policy makers, many pieces have been re-published in international and trade press. In ‘down time’, S loves sharpening analytical argument with a wider study of Theology.

Dr. Ian

Senior Analyst

With a considerable background in research, applied strategies and statistical analysis, I.M underpin the academic rigor that is applied to the thematic analysis undertaken at Dryad Global. His unique focus is the long term impact of dynamic geopolitical trends and security incidents on the maritime industry. He has a wealth of experience delivering bespoke products for clients with unique security requirements.

Nick S

Senior Developer

Nick’s gift is pulling unique value from raw data and has been instrumental in ensuring that data is not valued for data’s sake. Having worked with large data organisations such as Reuters he always keeps the ‘so what?’ in mind and Nick has turned decades of experience in IT architecture and design towards Dryad’s unique tools and intelligent use of data. Nick leads the team of talented coders that keep Dryad at the leading edge.
Dryad Global

Nathan Ryder


With a solid academic background in conflict studies and international relations, Nathan is adept at applying analytical prowess and proven real-world understanding of events to deliver insight and understanding to clients. Nathan has a clear client-driven focus and is passionate about delivering a product that impacts the way companies operate.


Senior Developer

Alan has 20 years of operational experience within the Royal Navy, with specific experience of combating Maritime threats within the Indian Ocean and Caribbean. Al has considerable experience in operations management and the implementation of security policy and strategy.

Career Opportunities

Come and Join our winning team! Shape the industry. Make a difference

Are you experienced in maritime or geopolitical analysis? Are you a mariner with a deep commercial understanding of the industry or are you simply interested in interconnected world events?
We are global operators and source talent from around the world and we have very flexible ways for you to contribute.

Senior Analyst
On Location/Remote
Back End Developer - Elastic Search
Content curator SM/industry news