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Maritime Security Through Intelligence

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#Latest #NaveAndromeda Our source says stowaways WERE known about when vessel made it's French port call. Did the Captain decide not to disembark them? Did he take a payment to get them into UK waters? @SkyNews @Channel4News @JamieoJohnson @skymarkwhite

#naveandromeda #IsleofWight How will this potential vessel #hijack play-out? Let’s remind ourselves of the last incident of this nature in the English Channel Op BUCKTHORN #GrandeTema https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM5azkNw2wE&feature=share

#Latest M/T NAVE ANDROMEDA: Lydd helicopter 163 takes over duties + police helo on scene. Possible #hijack: if confirmed = 2nd incident involving the hostile takeover of a vessel in English waters (1st incident recorded on M/V GRAND TEMA Dec 2018) #IsleofWight

#Breaking English Channel: Incident Ongoing
Liberian flagged M/T NAVE ANDROMEDA (IMO 9580405) involved 20nm SW Gosport #EnglishChannel. Vessel arrived from #Lagos #Nigeria 25 Oct. 3 miles exclusion zone in place, crew in citadel. #Latest updates: https://hubs.la/H0yz4Qz0


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A premium product that does exactly what I need it to - help me make security decisions when the
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I was able to make a trade when others wouldn’t- because I felt confident that port access was possible
when the rumours were to the contrary


The armed guard concierge service is excellent - I get access to a fully vetted pool of security providers
and the costs were so much more reasonable than I was getting before.

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Putting a case together to convince or owners that we can operate safely in West Africa was not easy
but having the quality badge of Dryad Global behind us with the first class reporting made it possible.

F.K. Charterer

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